LD Seating
& Tree-Nation.

Offsetting carbon, one a tree at a time.

As a company, LD Seating Ltd is committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint wherever we can.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Tree-Nation, a global not-for-profit working to regenerate those areas of the planet most at risk from the ravages of human-led deforestation and the effects of climate change.


Deforestation alone accounts for in excess of 18% of annual CO2 global emissions — more than the world’s entire transport sector. Our contribution to Tree-Nation’s Net Zero Team and Offset by Tonnes programs means a few more trees can be planted to directly offset this, as natural forests capture CO2 and act as crucial carbon sinks. 

And who owns the trees? Not us, not Tree-Nation, but local small landowners, who are supported in nurturing and safeguarding their precious resource for the good of us all.



That’s every item in every one of around 50 unique product lines.

The LD Seating range is created by some of Europe’s most acclaimed furniture designers and crafted using top-quality materials by a team with exceptional upholstery, sewing, and leatherwork skills. 


Want to know about our ordering process or delivery options? Or our terms & conditions? Or how to care for the fabrics we use? We’ve put together these FAQs to answer your questions.

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